Built in 2011 as an eTextbook Platform, aPperbook now augments digital versions of core learning material such as schoolbooks with a myriad of additional learning objects.

aPperbook is a solution for "publishers" of educational material that forms the core learning material in a class.  We now extend the meaning of publisher beyond the traditional corporation to also include schools, organisations and teachers themselves, who produce core curriculum based material.

aPperbook recognises that K12 core material must be augmented by the wealth of learning material available on the Internet, on teachers computers, and on school systems. The platform puts all a K12 student needs to cover the curriuclum, into one App that can be accessed whether online or offline

Within each lesson, additional learning material can be drawn upon, and made available by the student themselves, the teachers, or by automatically identifying suitable content on the Internet through matched learning metadata.  The simplicity of the delivery is key, in creating the opportunity for hybrid learning models.

Available on

Download for iOS Visit books.apperbook.com for web version Email download@apperbook.com to request a link to Windows & Android versions.